Details About Employment Medical Assessments

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Before you are being hired for a full time position, your employer will typically ask that you take an employment medical assessment. The employer needs to make sure that you are completely physically and psychologically fit to fulfill that respective position. There is no reason to be anxious about this examination, you just need to reveal any health related information to the examiner. For example, if you are taking blood pressure medication, you should show the prescription to the examiner. Then, if you are currently taking antidepressants you should inform the examiner in order to avoid the risk of a false positive (such as being considered that you are taking antidepressants or illicit drugs for recreational purposes).

Employment medical

Standard employment medical assessments

The greatest majority of employers will ask for a standard employment medical. This examination involves the following subset of tests being carried out: blood pressure, height, vision test, urinalysis, and the doctor will review the health questionnaire you were asked to fill out. Moreover, the doctor will perform a quick review and test of the following: skin, abdominal checkup, dental & ear checkup, cardiovascular health, nervous system check, and muskoskeletal functions. You can get an employment medical here. Most medical employment tests are relatively quick and easy to perform.

Then, depending on the position that you wish to fulfill, your employer might ask for specialized medical tests. These involve a standard set of medical examinations that are needed for work environments such as marine or aviation. There are several types of such specialized medicals, such as: Aviation Medical examination, Marine & Offshore Medicals, Rail Medicals, Maritime Medicals, Commercial Vehicle Drivers Medicals, Offshore medicals and plenty more.

Workers in very loud environments need to use special hearing protectors. They will typically need to undergo a special hearing test to ensure their hearing is not aggravated by the work environment. Workers exposed on a long term to high levels of noise might be exposed to the risk of developing hearing related problems, so this is why it is important to take such a test.

Preparing for the medical checkups

  • Medical Check upYou should gather all your medical records and have them ready for review by the examiner.
  • You should ensure to disclose any information regarding underlying health condition. These conditions will be revealed by your records, so there is no point in concealing anything.
  • Reveal any information pertaining to medication you are taking. For example, many people taking antidepressants will conceal this fact. They have a prescription, but they will not inform the examiner. When they take the illicit drug test, the results will come back as positive. This is when an employee can be easily considered he/she is taking antidepressants and illicit drugs for recreational purposes. This could get you in trouble whether you are taking your annual medical checks or pre-employment check.
  • Don’t be anxious. There is no reason to be nervous about the employment medicals. This is just another regular medical checkup, performed by a doctor other than your own.
  • Read information online. If you are extremely anxious about taking the medical, you should read the available information online. Depending on the type of test you might take, you will be able to read detailed information about each type of examination. This should help you calm down and reduce your stress levels significantly.
  • Such an employment medical check typically takes 1 or 2 hours. If you need to take physical fitness assessment the procedure might take longer.