Short Term Accommodation Star Ratings Explained

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Star ratings are rating systems that rank hotels by quality. They are used as guidelines for potential guests to help decision making when searching for hotels. Unfortunately the star rating system is not standardised, and differs between countries. In Europe 4 stars is the highest, in Australia it is 5, over the last few years we have even seen some 7 star hotels emerge throughout the world.

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Most travel websites use star ranking systems to show the quality level of hotels. Some are also an average of ratings given by users who have actually stayed in the hotels, so it gives an accurate description of the feedback by multiple users.

It is highly recommended you look at other user’s accommodation reviews before making any bookings. Whilst most sites average out the user ratings, it will give you a good general idea of the state of the hotel, the amenities it has, the quality of cleanliness and friendliness of staff, before you stay. But don’t just take one users review into account, read a few different reviews to make sure you get a good idea of the place.

Make sure your expectations are realistic. If you’re staying in a 1 star hotel, don’t be disappointed if there is no TV and the sheets are a little old. The following serviced apartments website is highly regarded as having rooms that set the highest standard.

Some differences are obvious. There will generally be a cost difference between lower star rated and higher star rated hotels, one star hotels being cheaper, and 5 star or higher being more expensive. The higher star hotels will also have more amenities and luxuries, and whilst not essential for a night’s stay, might make it a more comfortable one.


  • 6 or 7 star rated hotels include all the luxuries of a 5 star hotel, plus extras such as private swimming pools, butlers, multiple high quality restaurants, on-site shops, luxury car hire, and more. These are either located in the best areas near popular attractions, or the hotels themselves an attraction.


  • 5 star rated hotels will have large luxurious rooms with high quality bedding, quality in room amenities, high class on-site restaurants providing dine in or room service, a large gym and heated pool, a valet service, a concierge and of course a high level of customer service from all staff. They will generally be located in good areas, very close to popular attractions or sights.


  • 4 star rated hotels similarly will have luxury rooms with quality bedding and in room amenities, good restaurants on-site for eat in or room service, a gym and heated pool, a valet service, a concierge and a high level of customer service from all staff. Located in good areas close to restaurants and shopping destinations.


  • 3 star rated hotels have nice rooms, good quality in-room amenities, possibly mid-range restaurants serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, and often a small gym and pool. They will be located close to shopping centres, and may require short trips to reach popular destinations.


  • 2 star rated hotels offer small to mid-sized rooms with basic in-room amenities, often a non-heated pool and some small low-cost restaurants on site or close by. They may also be close to local shopping centres and some public transport, but further away from popular tourist destinations and sights.


  • 1 star rated hotels will have extremely basic, small rooms, with very limited amenities, located nearby low-cost shops or restaurants and public transport.